Sebastian Ramirez: Namesake Series

The Namesake Series exists for one reason:  to recognize innovation in coffee.  In this case, we wanted to highlight a producer who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative coffee farmers in the world and someone who’s considered, by all accounts, at the top of his game.


A photo of a bright white bag of coffee with a matte brown rectangular label.  The coffee is sitting next to two old books and a rock set against a dark fabric backdrop.

Sebastian Ramirez is a fourth generation coffee farmer who is using science and agronomy to produce unique, exceptional coffees which will stand out on the cupping table, but remain very drinkable and approachable.  He owns Finca El Placer, which is located in Calcara, Quindio.  

The coffee uses specific yeasts and microbes in the anaerobic fermentation process in order to accentuate certain qualities which are inherent in the coffee.  The resulting cup has a beautiful aroma, which reminds us of fruity pebbles, lavender, and bergamot.  The taste starts out with notes of fresh hops and lemongrass, with a very present citric acidity.  The acidity transforms into a finish of lemon hard candy.  With a light-medium body and a silky texture, this extremely fragrant coffee is at its’ best when brewed as a pour over, but can be enjoyed in any form.  

If you’d like to taste the coffee, we are hosting a free tasting event at our cafe on Sunday June 4, 2023 at 2pm in the conference room.