Public Coffee Tastings!

We recently had our first public coffee cupping! This is something we’re going to be doing monthly on the last Friday of every month at 11am in our cafe (so mark your calendars). Our goal with these events is simple: bring people together over coffee and share our passion with our community.

We aim to create an approachable specialty coffee space through our business. Because we opened in September of 2020, we were unable to safely do public tasting events in the early days of Uncommon. We decided to revisit that idea now since the reception to our recent Namesake Series coffee, the Sebastian Ramirez Double Anaerobic, was so warm. The coffee sparked a lot of interest among our core customers and we wanted to be able to share information about coffees in a very casual way (as well as share a fun sensory experience with y’all).

For this month’s cupping, we are going to bring some of the foods that you see as tasting notes on the bags in order to draw a direct comparison between flavors as they occur naturally in coffee and the real-life foods that inspire them.

Looking forward to sharing!